Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Afternoon

I woke up with snow on Christmas Morning except I didn't get outside to take a picture until it was almost melted.  You can barely see my Christmas Tree in the front window.  I wish my mother was here to see the snow on Christmas Morning.  Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas.

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Lisa Cash said...

Hi Pam - lovely pictures! Thanks for stopping by my site today and following! About the Advent Calendar - I tried to cram everything into one priority mail medium flat rate box but it didn't all fit. I had to send a few in a separate envelope. I sent them all on the Monday after Thanksgiving. I didn't trust myself to remember each day, or the post office to get them there on the right day. My daughter wants Christmas to last as long as possible, so I knew she would only open one a day. :) It was alot of fun for both of us!