Sunday, March 28, 2010


Here are three of the ten cards that I made this weekend.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Scrapbook Layouts

This is a layout of finish several months ago.  I thought I would share it.  This is of my mother and Courtney my daughter and my mother's oldest grandchild.  This was actually the last Christmas 2007 that mother got to enjoy at home.  I am so glad that I made this picture.  We miss you mother very much.
This layout is of Courtney and Bella.  I love the colors that were in this paper. 

This layout here is of Courtney, Larry and me.  This picture was taken back in 2007.  I love the colors in this paper and love the Christmas trees.

My Parents Wedding Picture 1954

This is a layout I completed last night for a challenge on  I have been working on this for several months.  I can't seem to stay focus on anything since my mother passed away.  I remember the last things is said to me on August 16, "Go an make a poster" I knew what she meant was to go a scrapbook.  She loved to look at my scrapbooks that I have made for my daughter, Courtney.  Mother would also sit with me and tell me about pictures I had and stories behind those pictures.  Family was truly important to my mother.  Oh, How I miss her.  Hope everyone enjoyes this layout.  It was made with love.