Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Mother's "FAMILY" Mini Scrapbook

Well, it's been awhile since I've posted anything. I just finished a Family Mini Album for my mother, it's like the one I made for my father except it has pictures of my mother, her parents, us girls, her grandchildren and her only great grandson. She should receive it today by UPS. I haven't heard from my sister if she has or not. Wish I could have been there when she opened the box. Here are a few pictures of the mini album I made:
These pictures are of me and my mother on the left and on the right is my mother and my daughter (her first grandchild).

The first picture on the left is my great nephew Jose and my mother's only Great Grandchild. I met him for the first time in June when I went to see my mother in the hospital the first time. He's a little man and cute. He calls my mother "Shivers" (that is her last name). They both have enjoyed each other since my mother has been down in FL.

This picture is of my mother (the tallest person in the picture), her father sitting on the left, and her mother standing beside my mother's father. These are the grandparents that me and my sisters use to go spend summer's with when I was a child. My sisters and I have so many great memories and stories.
This is the front of the mini album, I know you can hardly tell it but it spells out FAMILY. I hope I have atleast one picture of everyone in the album. I don't have alot of pictures of everyone in my family since we all live in four different states.


peata said...

sweet mini.
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Amanda said...

Oh Pam, that's gorgeous! I'm sure your mother cherished it!

Jennifer said...

This is beautiful ... what an incredible gift.