Saturday, June 13, 2009

Family's Chipboard Mini Album for my Father

These are a few of the pictures of the mini scrapbook album that I finished last night for my daddy's birthday which was March 31. The first picture was taken when I was about 2 or 3 years old (about 50 yrs ago). I am the little girl standing in front of my Ma-maw Shivers. The second picture is of my Ma-Maw Shivers and six of her sons (don't know for sure what year the picture was taken, my father is dark hair little boy holding his little brother's face with his hands (so cute). The 3rd picture is of my father and me when I was about 4 months old (on the left) also in the picture is our dog Duke (who came back on the ship with us from Japan) and the picture to the right is of my father with my daughter at 6 weeks old (Time has gone by it's hard to believe how much). The last picture is the front of the mini album. I am proud of this album even if it did take me more than two months to finish it. I will be mailing it to my father this week after I finished the picture frame that I am decorating with the same scrapbook paper that I used for the album. I'm putting the picture of my daddy, me, Zoe,Wendy and Carol Beth that we took on his 80th birthday or a couple of days after his birthday.
I will try and post some more of the pictures of the album later. I wanted to gone on a put these on my blog because I was so excited that I finished it.

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