Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a weekend

What a weekend! I haven't done anything but, worry about my job and how will I pay my bills or where will I find another job. I've updated my Facebook and played Phase 10 (hand held electronic game). I need to make a birthday card for my father's 80th birthday but can't get in the mood. I have no mojo :( I guess I'll see what tomorrow brings. All I know is that something in my life has got to change. I don't do good when I have time on my hands and to much time to think about all this crap with my job and wondering if I should just give up and put my house on the market and try to sell it. However, then I wonder where will I move to, what will I do with my four dogs. I try to take one day at a time but, it's just so hard not to worry when your by yourself and have no one to fall back on or to help support me. Sorry, this is so depressing but, the truth is the truth.

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mandwhobbyfarms said...

Well Pam , you need to turn it over to God. No one can REALLY help you but him. People are here to listen. But God has the answers. I know that is not what you might want to hear. But it is the truth. You need to get in a good church too.
Pray to find a good Christian man when everything gets better. That is what I did :-) And the Good Lord brought Mike into my life!

Love ya, Wendy