Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Well, today is Christmas Eve and it sure doesn't seem like Christmas. The past month and a half has been very stressful for me with my mother in a rehabilitation center since she has broke her left ankle and she only has part of her right foot so she is limited in her therapy. I found out on Monday of the week that she has to be out of the rehabilitation center on Dec. 30. However, she still can not walk or put pressure on her left foot. Oh, did I mention that her ankle is not healing mainly due to her being a diabetic. So, between me and two of my three sisters have decided that she will go and stay with my sister who lives in St. Augustine, FL. My sister from Houston, Tx. will be here on the 30th and on January 1st, she and I will drive with my mother to meet my other sister that lives in Fl. in Dothan, AL. which is about half way so my sister in FL. can take my mother to her house. This has really been hard on me,because I feel like I have let my mother down. But, my house has stairs that you have to climb to get in my house and there is no one to stay with her while I work.

This will be the first Christmas that I have not put up a Christmas Tree. I plan on going to my daughter's house Christmas morning so she can open her present in front of her Christmas Tree and to take pictures.
Well, If anyone ever reads this I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope and pray that this new year will be better for everyone.

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