Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sorry, it's been a while. I've been busy with checking on my mother in her second rehabilitation center since she broke her ankle almost a month ago. Also, this weekend my daughter, Courtney graduated from U.N.A. with her M.B.A. I also, moved all my scrapbook stuff up stairs in one of the bedrooms. I will take some pictures when I get finished with my scrapbook studio and post them on here.
This is my last week of work for two weeks. I can't wait. I plan on scrapbooking a lot and doing some other artsy stuff. More later...

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hi Pammie
hope your Mother is doing well.
Also hope your Christmas was nice,
I am sick, got sick on the 24th but up and around and hoping to feel better fast. Keep up on your blog, they can be frustrating but if I can learn them, anyone can - LOL.
Thanks for following my blog.
Have you seen my other blogs??
take care of yourself and happy new year!