Saturday, December 6, 2008

I wanted to share one of my cards that I made for my father on his 79th Birthday. I love making cards. This card was very emtional for me to make for my father. I just wanted him to know just how much he means to me.
Eighteen years ago today my Mamaw Lester passed away. She is greatly missed.


joanifer said...

hey pammie.....first off..boy dogs do not wear ribbons...2. you are getting smarter....3. elmer died this morning..(we finally got -em).he was 84. i am going out to doris's now to stay the night, and help her. bobby is at hunting condo...he got an 8 point this morning also....i still love ya
and good for courtney.. i got a card. does that mean a present???i am not up with all things...joanie

Anonymous said...

Pammie - I really like your blog spot. I can't beleive your Dad is 79! That was a great card you made him. Only 1 thing missing from your spot - no picture of you. David (boyfriend) & I went to Pickwick & spent 1 nite a few weeks ago - kinda sad, but made it ok. Maybe next summer we can start going up there more & u can come also.....Luv ya, Linda

sony said...

I love the cards you made!